Privacy Policy

Why we use your personal information
We are committed to protecting your privacy when you use our services.

This privacy notice explains how we use information about you and how we protect your privacy.  Our Data Protection Officer makes sure we follow the law.

What is personal information?
Personal information is anything that identifies and relates to a living person. This can include information that when put together with other information can identify a person. For example, this could be your name and contact details. See definition of personal data on Information Commissioner's Office.

Why do we need your personal information?
We may need to use some information about you to:

  • deliver services and support to you
  • manage those services we provide to you
  • train and manage the employment of our workers who deliver those services
  • help investigate any worries or complaints you have about your services
  • check the quality of services
  • to help with research and planning of new services

We only use what we need
We only collect and use personal information if we need it to deliver a service or meet a requirement.

We will not sell your personal information to anyone else.

What you can do with your information
The law gives you a number of rights to control what personal information is used by us and how it is used by us.

You can ask for access to the information we hold on you. We would normally share what we record about you with you when we assess your needs or provide you with services.

However, you also have the right to ask for all the information we have about you and the services you receive from us. When we receive a request from you in writing, we must give you access to everything we’ve recorded about you.

This applies to personal information that is in both paper and electronic records.

You can ask to delete information (right to be forgotten)
In some circumstances you can ask for your personal information to be deleted, for example, where:

  • your personal information is no longer needed for the reason why it was collected in the first place
  • you have removed your consent for us to use your information (where there is no other legal reason us to use it)
  • there is no legal reason for the use of your information
  • deleting the information is a legal requirement

You can object to us sending you direct marketing
You have the right to ask us to stop sending you information about our services. If you ask us to stop we will do so.

How long will we keep your personal information?
We will only use your personal information whilst delivering the service to you and to deal with any questions or complaints that we may receive about this, unless the law requires us to keep it for a longer period. In practice, this means that your personal information may be retained for a limited period of time, depending on the service.

How do we protect your information?
We strive to ensure that the records we hold about you are held in a secure way, and we’ll only make them available to those who have a right to see them.

Examples of our security include:

  • controlling access to systems and networks allows us to stop people who are not allowed to view your personal information from getting access to it
  • training for our staff allows us to make them aware of how to handle information and how and when to report when something goes wrong
  • regular testing of our technology and ways of working including keeping up to date on the latest security updates

Your rights
The law gives you a number of rights to control what personal information is used by us and how it is used by us.

You can obtain further information about these rights from the Information Commissioner’s Office.